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Clubs are a great way to meet with friends, old & new, & craft together.  Most of my clubs have been together for a long time.  Friendships have developed within the groups, & I personally think that’s a great bonus of the clubs.

By joining a club you are getting the benefits of a “party” &  getting YOUR turn to be the “Hostess” & getting the FREE STUFF!  So you don’ t have to figure out who to invite to “have a party” its already set up for you.  Also its a way to build up your supplies over time, and actually learn how to use the products you have purchased.

At your monthly club meeting I have the projects ready for you & also supply everything you need to complete the projects.   Plus I am there to help you along the way with any questions or help you may need.  Its a fun evening of crafting & fellowship. When you are a club member you receive free CATALOGS, & FREE HOST SETS, & OR FREE PRODUCT. (each member will get a turn during the rotation).

Clubs can be made up by several people, OR just a few people.  The breakdown as far as commitment is below.  I have some clubs that rotate to each other houses for their meetings, & some just meet at my Barn.

Here’s the breakdown for this,  in other words, your commitment to the club.  150.00 (min for party) divided into the number of people

4 people spend  37.50 @ month

5 people spend  30.00 @ month

6 people spend  25.00 @ month

7 people spend  21.50 @ month


I ALSO have an OPEN Stamp club the 3rd Saturday of the month.   If you want to be on the email list for this one, please let me know.  With this club, you are not making the commitment to “join” a club.  You just need to let me know if you will be attending when I sent out the reminder email.

This club is set up like this.


$10.00 for the class (IF you choose not to order product)
$5.00 if you order $25.00 & 49.99
FREE  if you order $50.00 & up

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