FINALLY, Spring is beginning to “show up” around here in Oklahoma!  Its been way too long for me…DSCF0049
Actually its been “around” for a week or so….JUST finally getting these photos up…looking from my front porch, I planed these Daffodils years ago, & I also learned years ago NOT to mow them down UNTIL they  die all down to let it “feed” the bulb..so by the time they really start looking “a mess” DSCF0046I spend WAY too much time & tie them all up so  hopefully I’ll post that too, so you can see just how anal I really am…(as there MIGHT have been doubts)…but in Spring I’m always glad I took the time to LET them die back down instead of just mowing them all down….I did have ONE crocus that sprouts up every year..
I forgot to take a picture of the little guy though..
AND well finally got a picture of Izzy, that is clear, she usually MOVES just as I snap picture..DSCF0006

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