DSCF0020OKAY do NOT FREAK out, but am gonna POST again TODAY.. I had made this card for one of my clubs that trade FULL CARDS, the trading card is for my other clubs that trade TRADING cards each month. I didn’t have my CARD done at their meeting, so the ones
that did cards will get them in their sacks, w/their orders..

AND now for some WINTER pictures.. WE had ANOTHER snow storm it started w/ICE on Thursday, and then covered the ice w/Snow. The kids didn’t have school Friday. I stayed in UNTIL yesterday evening when CA & I went & got Mom & Dad & went over to Wagoner & ate dinner. I LOVE going driving around when everything is snow covered.
BUT keep in mind I’m in a WARM car, LOOKING at it all…ANYWAY here’s pictures looking out back door, & bush in front yard, & then the fence at Mom & Dad’s.. I think the icicles look so pretty hanging from the fence..

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