DSCF000AI’ve popped popcorn at the school my G-kids have gone to, and my daughter teaches at for maybe 6 or 7 years now…in fact this is the first year I don’t have a G-kid at the school…Its supposed to be the Last Friday of the month that I pop it for the kids.  BUT for the last few years its been WHEN I get there for the month.  The kids are so funny, it can be “Popcorn Tuesday”  or “Popcorn Monday”  they just adjust to the DAY.. and guess they really  DON’T care  what day, just that they get the POPCORN.

I usually try to get there by 6:30 so that I’ll be done before they start serving lunch.  SO this last Friday when I did it I decided to take a picture of my “set up” I stamped the lunch sacks a few years ago, and have been able to re-use them each year. There’s over 400 kids and they EACH get a bag or popcorn…so it takes awhile to get it all popped, & bagged for them …and  contrary to what some people think, NO its not a paying job…

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